How cute! !! The baby even twitched slightly so I saw the little arms move! We had a slight scare, but all turned out to be just fine. Baby Boerger is growing very nicely! Still measuring perfectly to the day of October 8th. I've had two bouts of what I thought were morning sickness-one was the night before the marathon (maybe just nerves?) And one day that I think was truly just a real life stomach bug. I keep snacks by the bed just to be sure! Still feeling pretty good!! No baby bump at all yet! In fact, now is probably a good time to post the before photo of my tummy lol. 

I do have to say this secret is killing me!! Only our families and closest friends know! Only a few more weeks and we can tell the world! I'm really looking forward to announcing it! It's been such a long time coming!!

Here's a before photo...the week I found out we were having a baby!! I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

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