Starving when I wokeup this morning! Ate carrots with hot sauce on way to work and at work while drinking passion tea. Drank a bottle of water with lemon during the morning and some veggie juice (with extra fiber). Had some blueberries at lunch and continued sipping my veggie juice and water haha. Dinnertime had a delicious salad with lettuce, tomato, zuccinni, strawberries, banana peppers, and pepperoncini. Oh and a whole avacado. Yum! Grapefruit for desert …delish! Test for today was the kids lunch. Who knew a school lunch would look so tempting! Im a sucker for burritos though!
Felt good today.  But tired. Could have something to do with going to bed at 130 am though 
Looking forward to rice tomorrow! Though debating extending fruits and veggies for a few more days… 

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