Trying to conceive has been a really rough road. Its been about a year and a half since my chemical pregnancy. Though we didn't actively try the entire time, its still really rough. I feel terrible because the friend that got pregnant at the same time that I had the chemical pregnancy and it was definitely hard to watch her experience it all when I wanted it so badly. I recently got to finally go met her baby. It was so great...and hard at the same time. I've shared my fair share of tears over the past few months-and even more over the past few days. I wish it would happen, I really do. This past year has been a roller coaster. I had a terrible job, had to do a lot of adjusting to Eric travelling often and being more on my own, and dealing with stress. Many changes, feelings, and emotions. I have a good feeling about 2012 though!! Theres already been some major changes! I quit my job, relieved a ton of stress, have a good plan with the doctor, am in a good place, and am convinced my friends baby will bring us good luck! I even bought Eric a baby outfit for Christmas! No more feeling sad...this year is all about new beginnings and starting over and hopefully starting our family!!

IUI #1 was unsuccessful, however, like I said, I felt like it would be. Hopefully this month works out! I just started a fresh cycle, started chlomid, and if I am doing the math correctly, I should ovulate here soon-and NOT on a Friday. Yay! 

I have heard horror stories about chlomid and the side effects. Luckily I seem to be dealing  just fine! The weirdest reaction I have had was a numb tongue after i took it once after not drinking any water! So, so far so good!

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