Today I woke up…hungry. lol. But I felt good. I actually felt more awake this morning and better rested..I guess it helps that I went to sleep before 2am lol. Today I started the day with passion tea. I was starving all morning so I ate cauliflower with hot sauce. For lunch I had cantalope ..lots of cantalope…lol. I drank about half of a grapefruit and sage flavored water. When I was hungry I drank v8 which kept me satisfied. I had zucchini and tomato sauce for dinner on the road to kickball-which was my exercise for the day. Then came the test….bar food and margaritas. Despite the knowledge that tequila comes from a cactus which is kind of a vegetable lol I didn’t break down!

Felt great all day then weighed in at xx7.1…down 5 lbs! I could get used to this!

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