Today I’m able to eat rice! Only I dont think I’m going to.

I’ve totally done this wrong, so I think tomorrow I am going to start over. All liquids tomorrow…doing the detox the corect way. Not sure waht I think of the whole “detox” idea, but learning to eat better and creating better habits is worth it for me…

Now onto today…

Felt good this morning. Got up super early to take care of some stuff and had a fruit juice for breakfast. Carrots for lunch along with vegetable juice. Grapefruit water all day. one piece of cantalope at lunch….hmm, i feel like im missing something else. Oh! an avacado. Thats right. My students had a field day with that one. They’re fascinated with what I have been eating! Today they wanted to know why there was a ball in the middle of my fruit. lol! Breakfast was not tempting since it was jsut a waffle and i had a meeting at lunch, so i never even saw it.

2 stalks of celery hearts with hot sauce for dinner along with 2 grapefruits. I was a tad  hungry

Felt good for the majority of the day, but very tired in the afternoon. Again, not sure if its cause i was up at 430 am or because my body is starting to feel the lack of protein and grains/carbs/starches….guess we shall see!

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