AKA day from HELL. lol

So I wasnt even hungry today. i didnt even remember until almsot 2pm that I shold probably start drinking.

3:00 bottle of water with lemon, followed by juice, followed by vegetable juice.

As you can guess I frequented the restroom today! I have a small baldder

32 oz of vegetarian organic vegetable broth

another bottle of juice and another of veggie juice

before bed im going to try and get another bottle of water down and some tea.

I feel like junk. Well not total junk, but tired, unfocused, and lazy. Ive barely moved all day. I really want taco bell. hahaha. My friend had to go ahead and mention it. Eric ate chips today. They smelled sooo good. So did his cordon bleu…

XX5.2 today…..that like almsot 8 lbs. I just need to keep that in my head.

I’m sooo looking forward to solid fruit tomorrow. 3 more days till rice!


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