It's time.

Time for Eric and I to add to our little family of him, me, Hana, Leela, Oreo, and Dizzy. Oh and Slytherin too.

I went to the doctor last week and he's fabulous. I really love my doctor. He knows I want to try and time the baby with the end of the school year so he suggested a ovulation predictor kit. Especially because my body has been less than cooperative. I started tracking in the fall and had consistent 30 day cycles which have recently moved to 40ish days.

So I started the ovulation tests on Monday. It was only day 10 so I wasnt expecting anything. In fact the doctor said I probably wouldnt see anything until day 20. He said i might even want to wait until day  20 to start them so I ddn't drive myself crazy. I told him I didn't mind right now. Which is good because on Saturday I got a test indicating an LH surge! whoo hooo!

I was very skeptical as #1 it was early, and #2 I had been detecting LH all week, just not strong. The test line has to be darker than the control. I started freaking out on Saturday and was very excited! Conincidentally this was also Eric's 30th birthday! Hopefully we will have a fantastic birthday gift for him!

The timing of this would be perfect, however, I'm trying VERY hard not to get my hopes up! Though we havent been "trying" in the past we also havent been not trying. But I've been excited and let down before. I don't want it to happen again. However, it's going to be a very long 2 weeks!

I felt some cramping later in the day on Sunday and I'm hoping the test wasn't a fluke and everything is going as planned. I've had some aching too, so fingeres are crossed.

Since I'm a dork I took a picture of the test. It's definitely positve for LH! Look at that dark test line! haha. I go to the doctor next week for bloodwork to be sure I ovulated. Whoo hoo!

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