Well, its been a long time since i posted. This past year has been pretty eventful. For awhile, we went back to not trying. Decided to wait a bit longer. Well, we decided to try again and I further spoke to the doctor since Its been over a year with no luck. We had Eric tested and also had a test on me performed called an HSG or Hysterosalpingography. It is basically a test where they inject dye into you and and watch it spread through your cervix and Fallopian tubes to see if there are any blockages. It's suppose to lead to great success afterwards since it essentially "cleans you out." Well, that was two cycles ago. And still nothing. I'm having normal cycles, ovulating each time......Ugh!!! This is so frustrating! As of right now I have "unexplained infertility." The HSG test came back normal, thank goodness because I really do not want to do that again! It hurt soooo badly! The uterus basically contracts when it's done. It hurt so much! Maybe I should rethink this baby thing...kidding!

Contacted the doctor today regarding next steps....at another appointment we discussed chlomid. He says he thinks it is appropriate to try now. I go in to see him soon! Fingers crossed!

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