Week 37, can  you believe it? At the end of this week I'll officially be full-term. But however, I can't give Kara the green light to come just yet. I have a friends' baby shower on Saturday, breastfeeding class on Sunday, and a meeting I HAVE to go to on Wednesday. Plus Eric may need to travel next week for 2 days. So, next Friday she will have the go ahead to come anytime she wants-and hopefully not too late!! Which means I plan to begin my walking program next week to hopefully settle her down and ready to go!! I'm also hoping it will help prep me for a quick and easy labor (hey, a girl can dream right?)

I'm shocked that its nearly here and so antsy at the same time!! We put the car seat base in today and I picked up a few more items we needed. Super exciting!! I wanted to leave the carseat into the car, but Eric pointed out that it might not be a good idea as I may find some people trying to break into my car if I was in the store or something if they mistook the carseat in the car as one that had been forgotten and was carrying an infant. He brings up a valid point. So, it's back in the nursery. 

Hospital bag is packed. Just need to put it into the car. Have a list on top of it of any other last minute items. 

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