Ok so I  thought I would kick this off going to the gym, but ya know what, I didnt decide to go to bed until 2:30 am sunday night and hence did not wake up at 4:30 as originally planned . Oh well, my first graders kicked my butt at football at recess today haha.

So, woke up tired and hungry. Poured myself a glass of sun tea and took it with me, along with a bag of green beans. Apparently the green bags were bad, so after only a few of them, I had to throw them out. at lunch I ate 2.5 bananas, had a naked Acai explosion (or something like that) as a snack (I was ravenous when I left work). We went shopping and I bought $50 worth of good foods. I ate a handfull or so of a green and yellow beans and carrots seasoned with salt and pepper, and had eggplant roasted in the oven, sprayed with olive oil and season-all. Later I ate a whole grapefruit.

I was hungry today, but it wasnt unmanageable. The hardest part of the whole day way not allowing myself to eat the nachos eric was making. UGH! I looove nachos!

 I’m not keen about positng my actual weight, but ill say that I started at XX2.6 One thing I did notice was I did not drink near enogh liquids today. That will change for tomorrow!

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