Wow I suck at this blogging thing....I'm truly terrible at documenting everything everyday!

Want to know soemthing I do not suck at…detoxing haha.

Total weight loss-12 lbs!

That Monday I got to eat rice. It was heaven. I made it beforehand….4 servings for the day. In it I added leeks, spinach, mushrooms, and beansprouts. It was delish!!\

Tuesday i got to eat beans and seeds. I hate a salad with beans and plain raw, organic sunflower seeds mixed in. And a ton of chickpeas. maybe too many actually. And a lot of veggies. Yumm!

The next day i got to eat dairy and grains. So I had whole grain oats, heated with yogurt in it (intead of milk). delicious!

Finally, on Thurdsay, i got to eat fish. it was an incredible day. I ate it too fast, I barely even tasted it lol

Since then I have yet to add back in dairy or meats. I have solely lived on fish. I was going to drop fish too and try to go totally Vegan, but I have no idea what I would eat when we went out! So for now that is where I am at. Oh and I cut alcohol too.

I have cheated a little bit here and there. Cinco de Mayo I drank caronas and on saturday i drank as well. I ate tortilla chips and the tortilla bowl. Also, I ate a weight watchers mini sundae yesterday and popcorn. Not horrific. I feel like I have really learned to eat better and be more conscious of what I am eating.

I am adding back in turkey today since it is by far the healthiest of the meats.

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