Week 37, can  you believe it? At the end of this week I'll officially be full-term. But however, I can't give Kara the green light to come just yet. I have a friends' baby shower on Saturday, breastfeeding class on Sunday, and a meeting I HAVE to go to on Wednesday. Plus Eric may need to travel next week for 2 days. So, next Friday she will have the go ahead to come anytime she wants-and hopefully not too late!! Which means I plan to begin my walking program next week to hopefully settle her down and ready to go!! I'm also hoping it will help prep me for a quick and easy labor (hey, a girl can dream right?)

I'm shocked that its nearly here and so antsy at the same time!! We put the car seat base in today and I picked up a few more items we needed. Super exciting!! I wanted to leave the carseat into the car, but Eric pointed out that it might not be a good idea as I may find some people trying to break into my car if I was in the store or something if they mistook the carseat in the car as one that had been forgotten and was carrying an infant. He brings up a valid point. So, it's back in the nursery. 

Hospital bag is packed. Just need to put it into the car. Have a list on top of it of any other last minute items. 
I've fallen in love with my crockpot We've been making a ton of meals in it lately, and its become a near permanent appliance in my kitchen. I think its time to begin to look into some new crockpot recipes that could be frozen ahead of time. I think these would be perfect for days where I just wont have a ton of time to cook. I'd love to be able to fill my freezer with items that are quick and easy-but not full of preservatives and weird ingredients that I can't pronounce!
So over the next few days I plan to occupy myself by creating some crock pot frozen meals. I'm hoping to keep them simple, practical, and healthy! Wish me luck! And of course, i will share them here when I am done!
Today I am 35 weeks pregnant....which means, only 35 DAYS to go...yikes!! Where has the time gone? I can't wait to meet her....but I'm also petrified at the same time!
I've had two amazing dishes today that left my blood sugar at 96 following breakfast and following lunch. Thought I would pass them along! Eggs are only so fun for so long for breakfast and lunch items were beginning to get redundant too!

Lunch: Low Carb Pizza

Ingredients: one low carb tortilla, sauce, cheese, any toppings you desire

Directions: spray pan with pam. top tortilla with sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you desire. Spray crust with pam. Put into oven or toaster oven for 5 mins. Enjoy! Total carbs: approx 20

I really wanted pizza today so came up with this on a whim. I topped mine with goat cheese. It was super yummy and ridiculously filling!! I actually made the tortilla myself and have additional ones frozen. I will post a recipe for these soon! Add additional items to make carb count go up I may have to make it again for dinner!
Breakfast: Cream cheese pancakes

Ingredients: 2 oz cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1 packet stevia (or any artificial sugar-or real sugar since you have carbs to spare!)

Directions: Mix together in blender. Let sit for a few mins to decrease bubbles. Cook on stove like you would a regualar pancake. Makes 4 small pancakes...total carbs- approx 5g.

Found this on Pinterest...from this amazing website called I Breathe...I'm Hungry This was sooo good! Again add additional items to increase the carbs- a great way to do this is toppings-I topped it with a 1/2 cup of homemade ice cream (haha it was delicious). You could top it with fruit, whipped cream/Cool Whip, or sugar free syrup. Definitely filling since it has lots of protein, but didnt make me feel sleepy like normal pancakes do! 

The pic on the left is what they were SUPOSE to look like....my pic is on the right. My pic makes this look a little more yellow than they truly did, and I got impatient and flipped them too soon so they didn't come out quite round, but they were still delicious!!
Not that I can....last time I tried it hurt! 'thinking of starting up a walking program at least. Then I can at least 

I am super excited to get this website started. I have wanted to do it for awhile, but just couldn't get the ideas together and got way to stuck on the layout of the site as well as what I would write about. Now, it seems much of that has been resolved and we are on our way!
Stay tuned for more exciting info along the way!
For anyone who follows this post, you will now see that there are some past posts that have suddenly popped up! They had been hidden before, but now that we have officially announced we're expecting a baby, they don't need to be hidden anymore! Yay!!

Here are some pictures form our anatomy scan. Baby is looking great!
How cute! !! The baby even twitched slightly so I saw the little arms move! We had a slight scare, but all turned out to be just fine. Baby Boerger is growing very nicely! Still measuring perfectly to the day of October 8th. I've had two bouts of what I thought were morning sickness-one was the night before the marathon (maybe just nerves?) And one day that I think was truly just a real life stomach bug. I keep snacks by the bed just to be sure! Still feeling pretty good!! No baby bump at all yet! In fact, now is probably a good time to post the before photo of my tummy lol. 

I do have to say this secret is killing me!! Only our families and closest friends know! Only a few more weeks and we can tell the world! I'm really looking forward to announcing it! It's been such a long time coming!!

Here's a before photo...the week I found out we were having a baby!! I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
So, I posted about the IUI a few weeks back....that weekend I ran my first half marathon in Clearwater Beach, Florida. It was amazing. I began training for a full this past fall on a whim. Decided it would be a great idea. Set myself up on a 15 week training program after I saw the Myrtle Beach Marathon inside Runners World Magazine. Erika ran a lot with me which was helpful as I don't ave many friends who are runners at all (although my friend Shannon said she wants to train with me sometime and has now come long with Erika and I, so hopefully that group will grow!) I had a great time training..it was amazing to see my running grow throughout the weeks. I had a little bit of injury to overcome, but I picked two great beach races to give myself a goal...then at the end of January I found out that after 2 years, we were finally having a baby!! Eric was away on business, but I couldn't wait ad had to tell him right away!! Crazy exciting!

The week I found out was the week I was suposed to run 20 miles. I had just come off a half the week before (baby was working hard to settle into his/her new home as I ran across bridges and jostles him/her around!). It was freezing and raining and I decided to run indoors. I was soooo tired (one of the major things that made me test when I did!) Met Erika at the gym and realzied I forgot food and water. Then my mind played games with me. Needless to say I only got through 10. It was tough. I kept up with my training though, and I ran a full marathon during week 8. It was an amazing experience! The beginning and middle involved a lot of running and the end involved a lot of walking. I hit my mental "wall" at about mile 21. I hated it, wanted to stop, and even cried. But I sucked it up and continued on. See mile 26 was incredible. And crossing that finishline nice and strong was a feeling of amazement.  I'm really looking forward to doing a second one not pregnant. Really push my body and see what it can accomplish. I'm so proud of myself!! 

Now, for the baby! So far, everything has been amazing. I have been lucky enough to not have any morning sickness and have really felt quite good! I'm still running!! And I plan to for as long as I can. I really believe it's helped me feel as good as I have so far. Baby Boerger is due October 8, 2012. We can't wait!! 

Heres some pics to sum it all up! 

I had to take multiple tests... just couldn't believe it!

Half marathon complete!


Here he/she is!!

LH surge was on SUNDAY! Which means I had the IUI today. This time, Eric came with me. He gave his sample there this time to make sure it was "fresh." Poor guy haha. I took chlomid on the appropriate cycle days and now we hope that the little guy/girl is fertilized and making her journey to my uterus!! Trying not to get m hopes up, but I'm reallllly hoping it took. Please, please, please!